OEM pressure measuring system(Bourdon Tube) —–Module version Back mount

OEM pressure measuring system(Bourdon Tube) —–Module version Back mount

■ For dry gaseous and liquid media that are not highly viscous or crystallizing and are suitable for copper alloy parts
■ Pneumatics
■ Industrial gases
■ Medical engineering
■ Drinking water

Special features

■ Compact and cost-effective integration solution

■ Scale ranges from 0 … 400 bar or 0 … 5,000 psi

■ Nominal size 40 mm [1 ½”], 50 mm [2″] or 63 mm [2 ½”]

■ Accuracy class 2.5


Integration concept

The ideal pressure measuring system for trouble-free integration into a wide variety of applications. This is possible through the simple mounting and sealing of the already preadjusted system. Due to the sealing with an O-ring and a support ring, the pressure measuring system is efficiently and cost-effectively exchangeable.

Without any enclosing components, the OEM pressure measuring system provides a simple and compact integration solution. Both the flat design and the free position ability of open up a multitude of integration variants with the design of a pressure display。OEM pressure measuring system is available in nominal sizes of 40 mm [1 ½”], 50 mm [2″], or 63 mm [2 ½”].

Individual customer versions.

Design freedom for customer solutions

WISTOM is the industry-leading source of quality pressure and temperature measurement instrumentation  All of our pressure gauges are designed with accuracy, reliability, and user safety in mind, ensuring the equipment and systems in which they are integrated operate effectively and efficiently.

Based on many years of experience in manufacturing and development, WISTOM is happy to offer support in the construction and production of customer-specific solutions.Our team of engineers possesses both the experience and knowledge to customize each design for your unique project needs. We have a team of innovative problem solvers who pride ourselves in providing solutions tailored to our customer’s requirements, regardless of the degree of difficulty,fulfill all of your engineering needs.

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