About Us

WISTOM Pressure Gauge Manufacturer

ZHIHUI SHANDONG(WISTOM) INSTRUMENT CO., LTD has been a leader in quality and design of Direct Drive Pressure Gauges 。WISTOM is a globally recognized ISO 9001-2015 manufacturer of temperature and pressure instrumentation. WISTOM sells through a mature distribution network that reaches all 50 states and 30 countries worldwide. We provide bimetal thermometers, pressure gauges, diaphragm-seal pressure gauges, RTDs, thermocouples, pressure transmitters, compost thermometers, and related accessories to a variety of process markets worldwide.
Our reputation is built on high quality products, quick standard lead times, and exceptional customer support.We’re dedicated to providing our customers with complete satisfaction, from the first phone call to the design and quality of the instrument they receive.

WISTOM Pressure Gauge Solution Provider

WISTOM provides both standard and application specific products and is ready and willing to find a solution to all of your temperature and pressure needs.
Our company strives not just to meet individual customer requirements, but also to ensure that the company develops in a sustainable way. We have been a values-based company committed to doing the right thing in all cases.Our workmanship, attention to detail and commitment to exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations has contributed to our growing reputation. The basic rules have always been: high quality, high flexibility and competent support to customers.
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