Custom Gauge Solutions

Custom Gauge Solutions (OEM & ODM)

■ Custom Dial Artwork

Add your logo for a personal touch to any industrial gauge. 

Make it your own.

Request custom ranges or unit specifications for your unique measurement requirements.

■ Custom Deslgned For Performance

We are here to build a gauge that suits your needs and solves your pressure measurement problem.

Build a gauge for your demanding OEM application.

Engineering Services—- Engineered For Success

Our team of engineers possesses both the experience and knowledge to customize each design for your unique project needs. We are a team of innovative problem solvers who pride ourselves in providing solutions tailored to our customer’s requirements, regardless of the degree of difficulty.  We can fulfill all of your engineering needs.

Professional Calibration 

■ Servicing for instrumentation accuracy against certified test gauge.                 

■ Available for all gauges and thermometers

■ Calibration can be certified

Our Team : Experienced. Innovative. Trusted.

Our ability to train and retain hard working staff has paid off. The unique offering of our company is the broad experience base across the pressure gauge industry and passion of the people on the company team.

Our company (WISTOM )has completed many successful projects for many major operators worldwide.  Our focus on safety from project inception to completion contributes to our high standard of workmanship, attention to detail and commitment to exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations.  We are continuously diversifying our markets/industries served and we are focused on developing new technologies that help our customers utilize data to capitalize on their investments, while maintaining a high standard of ESG performance.

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